Moreau Lab Ant Collection & Imaging Protocols

High-Resolution Imaging w/ Leica Application Suite Manual (PDF)
Moreau Lab Ant Databasing Project Protocols (PDF)

Ant Species Catalogs and Taxonomy

• AntWeb (high-resolution ant specimen images and regional species lists):
• AntCat (ant taxonomic authority and catalog):
• Antbase (ant taxonomic authority and primary literature):
• AntWiki (ant taxonomy, morphology, etc.):
• Hymenoptera Online (HOL); catalogue, taxonomic name usages in the literature, etc.):
• Fossil Insect Database:

Ant Ecology

• Global Ant Database:
• Ant Profiler (database of ecological characters):
• Ant Macroecology:

Ant Molecular and Genetic Data

• GenBank:
• Ant Genomes Blast Portal:
• Ant Genomics Database – Fourmidable:
• Ant Genomics Community Portal:
• Animal Genome Size Database:
• Insect Mitochondrial Genome Database:
• Formicidae Barcode of Life:
• Karyotype counts:
• Ant Chromosome Database:

Ant Literature

• FORMIS (bibliography of ant literature):
• Antbase (ant taxonomic authority and primary literature):
• William L. Brown Memorial Digital Library:
• Biodiversity Literature Repository:

Ant Distributions

• Ant distribution maps for all ant genera by genus and countries:
• Ant distribution maps by species and regions:
• GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility):

Ant and Insect Morphology

• AntWiki morphology, anatomy, & terminology:
• Ant eMuseum (ant morphology glossary):
• Antkey glossary (ant morphology glossary):
• Glossary of Surface Sculpture:
• Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology Portal (terminology definitions):

Regional and Other Identification Guides

• AntWeb (high-resolution ant specimen images and regional species lists):
• Antkey (identification of invasive and introduced ants):
• Discover Life (ant ID nature guides):
• AntWiki Identification Key:
• Ants of Costa Rica:
• Japanese Ant Image Database:
• New World Army Ants:
• Ants of North America:
• Pheidole Working Group:
• Pheidole of Tiputini Ecuador:
• Ants in Vietnam:
• Fiji Ants:
• Invasive Ants of the Pacific Islands:
• Ants of the Southwestern US:
• Ants of Illinois:


• Field Museum of Natural History ant collections:
• World ant taxonomists:
• Encyclopedia of Life (EOL):
• AntArk (an introduction to myrmecology):
• Ant Course:
• Alex Wild Photography:
• Steven Wang Phogography:
• AntBlog: